Photography 2.0

Photography has been part of me since birth; something that I inherited along with my genes for curly hair, hazel-brown eyes and allergies for cats.  From the time I was an infant, my mom would lug around her manual SLR and lenses, my dad toting his video camera, cracking bad jokes to make us smile.  Every important moment of my life has been documented and catalogued; there are volumes of red photo albums recounting my life from birth through the most recent holiday or birthday.  For my fifth birthday I received my very own blue playschool camera.  A point-and-shoot film camera that had to be wound before each shot and that also came with a disposable flash tube.   I remember holding that first camera with excitement, knowing that I could now tell my own story with it. I could capture the moments and people that were important to me.

A lot has changed and then again not much at all has changed since I held that first camera in my hands.  I still love recording memories and people; but I think time has given me an even greater appreciation for the necessity to do so.   I receive no greater joy than walking into someone’s home and seeing one of my photographs in it.  Knowing that I have captured something meaningful to someone else and that I have added to a family’s history is incredibly special to me.  The technology has changed, no longer do we need to wait a week to see the images we take.  My goodness, I remember the eager anticipation I would have, waiting the week’s processing time to view my photographs.  Digital photography is fantastic, of course I miss the smell of the darkroom chemicals and the magic of watching an image appear through murky waters, tinted red by darkroom safe light.  But the immediacy of digital photography and the ability to enhance / retouch images on the computer is amazing!  And as one would hope, my skills have improved.  I have a high standard for photographic quality and I continue to learn and work to achieve beautiful imagery.

So here I begin again… I am excited and nervous: stay tuned!!


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