Summer Concert in the Park: Fantastic Diamond

Summer is sunny beach days, lazy vacations, ice cream cones and concerts in the park. In cities throughout the nation, the warmth of the summer days also ushers in summer concert series; Manhattan Beach is no exception. Starting in June and ending on Labor Day weekend, every Sunday, beach chairs migrate from the sand to Pollywog Park; where people can enjoy their wine, fair weather and assorted tunes… for free! This past Sunday was the Neil Diamond Tribute band, Fantastic Diamond.

I was told “get to the park early if you want a place to sit, Fantastic Diamond is the most popular group of the Summer-series at Pollywog,” but I was still impressed by the sheer number of fans who spilled-out over every inch of the park’s lawn. Parents lounged, snacking on gourmet picnics, while their children blew bubbles, napped and dizzied themselves spinning in circles… and then there were the true fans. The true fans navigated the complex maze of blankets, hopscotching over coolers and picnic baskets to reach the stage where they danced! Gray-haired couples danced swing, while toddlers bobbed up and down on their parent’s shoulders, singing along to Sweet Caroline, Coming to America and many more classic Neil Diamond tunes; it was a another great day in the South Bay.

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More information on Manhattan Beach’s summer concert series can be found at:

More information on Fantastic Diamond can be found at:

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