Introducing My New Logo

I am super excited about my new website and my new logo! If a picture is worth a 1000 words, how many words is a logo worth? At first glance it is easy to see what my logo represents, an A and K, well that’s simple, it’s Allison Knight Images and that IS what the letters represent. However, like most things in life, there is more than one layer to the story and I thought it would be fun to share some of the history and reasons behind the logo. So here it is, the unwrapping of my logo:

To explain my logo, I need to start with my history in photography. My first studio was a partnership, called Cherished Memories Photography. Having both suffered great losses at a young age, we both had a special connection to our favorite memories, many of which were represented in photographs. My father passed away when I was 17 and in his things was a single roll of undeveloped film. I had forgotten that before he was hospitalized we had done a mini photo shoot together; I held that roll in my hands as if it were gold. I was actually a bit afraid to take the film to the local lab in case there was a problem in developing it and I would loose all the photos. The roll contained 24 images, almost all of them were of my dad smiling back at me; two-dozen very cherished memories. The name Cherished Memories was born from the desire to also help others “capture and preserve their cherished memories.” We filed our business license on September 10th , 2001, but it was not stamped until September 11th, the same day the nation collectively took a pause. Not only were we faced with the tragedy that was unfolding in front of our eyes, but as the phone lines erupted with people contacting their loved ones, together we reflected on how important the people in our lives were to us, and how lucky we were to still be able to make new memories with them. The significance of the correlated timing was not lost on me and only further cemented my belief and desire to create work that would be significant to families for generations to come.

Back to present day. In 2007, I left Cherished Memories the company, but kept with me the passion for photography and creating memories. This time around, I draw not only from the foundations of my past, but also my self-evolution. This time around, instead of a partnership, I am on my own and thus, instead of establishing my studio name as an alias, I very purposely chose to use my own name. I worked with a good friend and graphic designer to design my original logo, all I knew is I wanted the letter C and the letter M coming together into a heart and was amazed to see her put to paper what I had in my head. This time, I am doing it all on my own, the photography, the website and the logo. For weeks I let the ideas of the letters A and K percolate in my head. This time instead of coming together into a heart I wanted them to form a lotus blossom. The lotus blossom has multiple significances for me. The lotus blossom appears a lot in the Korean culture. When I was in Korea I asked what the significance of the flower was and was told that “the lotus blossom grows from the muck, from where there is nothing, from where there has been destruction, grows a thing of beauty.” That stuck with me and when sitting with my last host family on my final night in Korea, my Korean host sister gave me a Korean name Hwa Young which loosely translated is Beautiful Blossom. So in fact, the lotus blossom is also part of my name. Ok, so back to the logo. I wanted the A and the K to come together with the form of the lotus blossom. But using the standard icon of the lotus blossom was just too many lines so I went to a looser version that also looks like two hearts coming together, which I thought was also nice homage to my past. After the critique and guidance of a number of people (man it is great to have creative friends and colleagues) I ended up with the logo you see before you. Much like how New York is rebuilding from the ground up, so am I and from it will come a thing of beauty.

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