Pala Indian Powwow: Wow

The beating of the drums pulses in your ears, while the mesmerizing din of the chanting echoes throughout the valley; it’s the kind of music that you can feel in your soul. Swirling about is the colorful regalia of each dancer, a rainbow of colors moving to the beats set out by the drums. Now add the delicious smells of Indian fry bread, mixing with kettle corn and you have the Pala Band Indian Powwow.

Friday, Audrey and I trekked out to the Pala Indian Band Powwow and all I can say is WOW, what an amazing experience! When you’re looking for something to photograph, you can’t go wrong with the beautiful colors of an Indian Powwow, but what was really special, were the people we met. One of my favorite characters was Gregory Red Oak. We ended up parking next to each other and as I repeatedly returned to the car to grab water or change lenses, Greg was slowly putting on his Regalia for the night’s affairs. Each time we returned to the car, Greg would tell us another story about himself or about life. The last story Greg told us was about a frog and he encouraged us to pass on:

One day a man happened upon a frog, well this was no ordinary frog; it was a talking frog! And when the man lifted up the frog to get a better look at it, the frog croaked, “I am a beautiful woman, kiss me and I will become my former self and I will do as you wish. I will cook and clean for you and be your wife.” The man thought about this for a second and put the frog in his pocket. The man walked around with the frog in his pocket for a time, all the while the frog continued to chatter, reminding him what an amazing woman it would become if he would only kiss her. Finally, the frog asked, “well are you going to kiss me already?” The man paused for a second and replied, “No, I think having a talking frog is way more interesting.”

Below are some of the photos from the day. To learn more about the Pala Indian Tribe visit:

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Photography Tip of the Day
This past summer, I took a fantastic photography workshop with Nevada Weir. Our first assignment was to take photos from a low angle. Below is a great example of when taking photographs from a low angle can really make a photograph. The two photos were taken in the same location; the only difference was the angle I took the photo at. I’d say the second photo was well worth the dusty back I received from laying on the ground.

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