Otis Participates in National Beach Cleanup Day

Otis Instructors Lara Hoad and Todd Erlandson show off the trash they collected from the Ballona wetlands as Part of National Beach Cleanup Day.

What a long weekend! However, long days and nights always feel rewarding when you’re working for a cause bigger than yourself. Working at Otis College of Art and Design I often get to participate in some pretty great events. For the past two years the program I work for, the Integrated Learning Program, has helped put on the Movies that Matter series, where we show films of social and/or environmental importance. Past films have included “Soundtrack for a Revolution,” “The Cove” and “Fuel.” This past Friday, in honor of National Beach cleanup day Saturday, we screened the movie Tapped. “Tapped examines the role of the bottled water industry and its’ effects on our health, climate change, pollution, and our reliance on oil.” The screening was part of a local movement in conjunction with National Beach Clean Up Day.

At the Movies that Matter Screenings, we not only show films, but also invite relevant speakers to screening. Here Councilman Rosendahl explains to the crowd how he reduces his plastic use by bringing his own water bottles and reusable bags with him each day.

The Environmental Charter High School in Lawndale is an amazing school that focuses on a sustainability and trains their students to go out into the world and educate others. “The mission of Environmental Charter High School is to inspire students to discover their own sense of purpose, to equip all students with the knowledge and skills to graduate from college, and to empower them to become quality stewards of their community and world.” One of the presentations that the students do is a fashion show where all of the clothing is designed from recycled materials.

We also were visited by the guys from Making Moves. “Making Moves is an inspiring show about 3 very young entrepreneurs without loans or investors while helping others follow their dreams.” Making Moves is very IL (Integrated Learning) which promotes working together and we were lucky to have them speak at our event.

On Saturday, September 26th, a group of Otis Students met at Daniel’s Bike shop in Marina Del Rey, to do a group ride to the Ballona Wetlands and participate in National Beach Cleanup Day.

My fearless leaders mapping out our ride.

Team Otis

Approximately 250 people participated in the National Beach Clean up at the Ballona Wetlands location and close to 100 bags filled with styrofoam, candy wrappers and plastic bottles were removed.

After a morning’s hard work, nothing beats an ice cream cone! (Free with bike rental at Danie’s Bike shop. Does this guy know me or what!?)

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