Pumpkin Patches are Cool

Ahh Fall… or is it Summer or Winter?? I have not been able to keep up with the California weather lately. In the same week it was warm enough to enjoy floating in my apartment’s pool, I also got soaked by a careless driver, splashing through a puddle while I was standing at the crosswalk on a raining day. Nonetheless, regardless the season the weather thinks it is, pumpkins are here, signifying the beginnings of Fall and the holiday season.

To me, there is something magical about a pumpkin patch. Maybe it’s because pumpkins represent Halloween, or maybe it’s just because I enjoy pumpkin pie. Pumpkin patches also bring back memories of my childhood Halloweens; scouring the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin, the one with the most amount of character, then bringing it home, chopping it open and sticking my hand into its inward gooeyness (ewww). We always tried not to waste any of the seeds and the wonderful smell of pumpkin seeds roasting in the oven would start to tickle our noses about the same time that we were putting the finishing touches to our latest lopsided, jack-o-lantern masterpiece. Then there was the anticipation of sunset so you could grab your plastic pumpkin or pillowcase and hit the streets trick or treating… Ya pumpkin patches are cool :o)

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