Johnny and Lindsay: Engagement Photos

I met Johnny and Lindsay through Kickball; they are a fun couple that love the beach community in which they live: the bike paths, the bars and watching the sun melt into the Pacific. Johnny and Lindsay met at Barnacles in Hermosa Beach and went on a bicycle pub crawl of bars (which included the Poop Deck of all places!) for their first date, so it felt only fitting to visit the places that are both Johnny and Lindsay’s favorite weekend spots and of sentimental value to them for their engagement photos.

Congratulations to Johnny and Lindsay on their engagement; wishing you a lifetime of health, happiness and good beer!!


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3 Responses to Johnny and Lindsay: Engagement Photos

  1. Lori McCully says:

    What beautiful pictures!!! I couldn’t be happier for the both of you!!!

  2. Angie says:

    SOoooooooo Adorable!! You guys are such a beautiful couple! I was waiting for the photo on the Poopdeck patio in front of the ladies in bikinis!!! Can’t wait for the Wedding!!

    LOVE, angie

  3. Mom says:

    Beautiful pictures but then your are beautiful people inside and out!!

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