Mikey Mitzvah Day 2011

People come in and out of our lives on a daily basis; some fade away with not much more than a whisper, while others linger in our memories, leaving footprints in our hearts. In some of my more philosophical moments (yes, I do take time away from dodgeball to ponder things), I question (like so many others before me), what is the meaning of life? And like so many others before me, I come up blank. Nonetheless, this much I know, I know that when my feet can no longer leave footprints in the sand, I hope that scratches of my life live on. For me, much of my legacy are my photographs. I love being part of a family’s history, recording that special moment or capturing laugher in a person’s eye. Michael Porzucki lives on by continuing to inspire others to take care of those in need.

One day a year, scores of people get together in the spirit of Michael Porzucki and give back to their community… and they do it with a twinkle in their eyes and smiles stretched across their faces. This year, Mikey Mitzvah Day took place on Sunday, March 6th. A mitzvah is a good deed, a selfless act and it represents the spirit in which Mikey lived his short life. The kitchens opened at 8am to start with food preparation for the needy. Not only were those in need invited for a hot lunch, they were also treated to games of bingo, gained access to a clothing drive and were given a sack lunch for later. Other service avenues included demonstrations and photos with the Guide Dogs, a blood drive, as well as writing letters and making care packages for servicemen.

When I arrived at Mikey Mitzvah Day, there was a flurry of activity, people everywhere, girl scouts decorating cupcakes, teenagers serving food and parents calling out bingo numbers. People were laughing and smiling; there was so much excitement and so much joy that it warmed my heart. Below is a small sampling of the day’s activities, for more information on Mikey Mitzvah Day Please contact Temple Menorah at (310) 316-8444 or Elaine at elaineporzucki@gmail.com

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One Response to Mikey Mitzvah Day 2011

  1. Elaine Porzucki says:

    What a wonderful post and tribute to Mitvah Day. You’re the best!
    The Porzucki’s

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