Little League in San Fran: Nate’s first ball game

Something about the smell of leather mixed with grass reminds me of childhood, a simpler time, just hanging at the ball field. Now is the time of year when days begin to stretch longer, the nights begin to warm. Night games were my favorite; perhaps it was because I got to stay out past my bedtime (I had a really early bedtime), but probably more so it was because there seemed to be some sort of extra magic in a little league field at night.  As a child, you read about heroes, people much older than yourself who make a difference, rescuing strangers from burning buildings, spurring on political movements, performing lifesaving surgeries.  As a child, the ball field is the place where you too can be a hero.  With one swing of your bat, you can hit that game-winning run, or make that diving catch that holds the go ahead run on base.  I loved the feel of my cleats gripping the earth as I rounded the bases, a well executed slide into home, hitting the “sweet” spot of my bat… a catch where you go into an all out sprint and by some miracle you make it to the ball in time, and you know you did by the thwacking sound the ball makes when it hits the pocket of your glove.

I rarely will I sit through an entire baseball game on television, but there is something that draws me to live baseball.  One of the best things about the location of my office is that my window overlooks a baseball field; spring afternoons are greeted with the ping of the metal bat and other faint echoes of baseball.  If I go for a run in a park where there is a little league game, it never fails; I end up at the field, as if pulled in by some magnetic force.

Across the nation, gloves are being oiled, fields neatly trimmed and hotdogs are boiling.  Major League baseball’s opening day might not be till March 31st, but just like the flowers and trees, little leagues are in full bloom.  The sweet smell of fresh cut grass, the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowed: ahh baseball. It doesn’t matter if it’s the big leagues, minor leagues or little league, just “take me out to the ball game!”  … oh and buy me some cracker jacks too!!

Below are some photos of my friend Sarah’s son, Nate and his first ever baseball game.  It was kind of special for me to be there for Nate’s first ball game.  I have known his mom since we were not much older than he is now… wow and now I feel old, haha.

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