Families Uniting Families Game Night 051911

One of my favorite parts of photography is that it allows me to give back to the community. And it is the off-season for dodgeball after all…

Thursday May 19, 2011 was “Family Game Night” hosted by the organization Families Uniting Families. “Families Uniting Families has been serving children in Los Angeles County and Orange County since 2004. They are known for providing excellent care and treatment to children who suffer from abuse and neglect. Families Uniting Families cultivates nurturing and knowledgeable families to protect and enhance the welfare and stability of vulnerable children and their families so that they are able to live productive and meaningful lives. For more information about Families Uniting Families, call (562) 437-4114, contact info@familiesunitingfamilies.org or visit http://www.familiesunitingfamilies.org.”

Family Game Night was one of the opportunities Families Uniting Families provides to strengthen the family connection. Too often we forget to take the time out of the day for fun; Family Game night was just that, fun! With a variety of different games from a balloon relay race, musical chairs with a twist, to dodgeball (haha ya, see how I still worked dodgeball in here), the night was filled with laugher and togetherness.

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One Response to Families Uniting Families Game Night 051911

  1. Wesley says:

    These look awesome.

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