Palau: Day 1 and 2; We Made it!!

So if It’s 11:49pm in Palau, it’s 7:49am in LA, which means we’ve all been officially on the go for 24 hours now…. Yowsers! Pretty much I’ve had about 5 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours (even the cutest 2 year old does not make a great seat companion on an international flight), so I apologize in advance for any incoherence. But yes, we have made it to Palau albeit more physically than mentally.

Other than a bag that allegedly ended up in Guatemala, our flights were pretty uneventful. Highlights for me were the ice cup Sunday cup on the flight from Hawaii to Guam (that half the Otis crew missed because they were sleeping, perks to sitting next to a talkative 2 year old, being awake for ice cream cups!) and having a pillow, blanket and remote to my very own tv after having none of those things on the previous flight of 6 hours (it really is the little things in life). We also so one of the most amazing sunsets leaving Guam on the way to Palau; looked like the sky was on fire!

As we started our decent to Palau I couldn’t tell where the water ended and the land began, until with a small thud we were here! At 7:50pm, it was pitch black out, so our tour of Palau thus far has been a little like seeing the Christmas presents under the tree and not being able to unwrap them; you see them there, you kind of have an idea of a shape or size, but you have to wait with anticipation until the next morning to really get a good look at ‘em.
Our arrival was greeted with enthusiasm and excitement. Everyone we have met is excited to have us here, to see our ideas and to share with us their wonderful culture and land. I can’t wait till tomorrow to begin to unwrap this gift that is Palau…. And get a good night sleep!!!!

G’knight all! Or maybe it’s good morning? ….

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2 Responses to Palau: Day 1 and 2; We Made it!!

  1. Barb Tecle says:

    Hi Allison, glad you made it. Give us a call at home in Purchasing, we have some infor for you.

  2. Linda Robinson says:

    Lots of smiles must mean you are having a great time…To Harmony, Nicole, Hee Jae, Hawk and all the students, faculty and staff have lots of fun!

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