Palau Day 3

With all the travel and time change I thought we would be dragging people from their beds for our 9am meeting time… However, everyone was up and charging to go at sunrise (an amazing island to explore, bright sunlight and rooster will do that to a person). My day started with breakfast in the cafeteria with some of the Palauan students. There are students taking summer courses at the community college from a number of the islands throughout Micronesia including Yap (a place famed for their stone money). The Palaun students are just as excited to have us staying with them as we are excited to be there. Some of my favorite moments so far have been talking to the PCC (Palau Community College) students or hearing them cheer and gear at the NBA basketball game sitting in front of the outside tv (apparently they’re Dallas fans).

Our first major event of the day was arranged for us by the most awesome Andy Leeka (our main contact for the Palau trip, Good Samaritan CEO, Consulate General for Palau and all around great guy) across the street at the Indian restaurant the Taj. It was my first full meal since leaving the US and wow it was good! Indian food in Palau = awesome, who knew? At the end of our lunch we were visited by the American Ambassador Helen Reed-Rowe. Ambassador row welcomed us to the beautiful island of Palau and encouraged us to enjoy, the people the food and the view.<a

In addition to the freedom memorial, students also worked on public service campaigns. Below Angela shows Andy her campaign “Pillars of Palau” an anti-beetle nut campaign (more on beetle another day).

Below Mary shows Andy her campaign that is designed to give young people an artistic outlet that allows them to voice their own views and make a difference in their community.

In the afternoon we went on a tour of the PCC campus and then met with the President of the College Patrick Tellei. President Tellei is not only a scholar, but also a warm-hearted man who took a lot of time to tell us about his college, the island and many of the cultural practices of Palau.

Plans have been in flux here, but we were lucky to arrive on the sands of the Pacific Beach Resort just in time for sunset. We were all “kids in the candy shop” romping through the warm waters and taking pictures of one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen! It’s hot and humid here, and by that I mean at one point of the day, just standing there I started dripping like I had just run a 10k…. does standing count for exercise if I sweat that much just standing? So the water was not only refreshing, but also invigorating and it gave us all a great appetite for our spaghetti dinner that we were treated to at Kramer’s.

Otis students spell out O-T-I-S in the waters surrounding Palau

Such a long day today, I had to keep reminding myself we’ve only been here in Palau for one full day. People here are so friendly, it feels like we’ve known everyone for months, not just hours; I can’t wait to see what the next two weeks will hold!

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2 Responses to Palau Day 3

  1. James Monge says:

    Great shots of the sunset in Palau. You have captured the beauty of the island.

  2. Marsha Hopkins says:

    What a beautiful island. Such a great experience for all of you. A reward for all of the hard work the IL team put in to make this happen. I hope you all have a great time and please keep the pictures and the commentary coming.

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