Palau Day 4: Hey Audrey!

Over the past couple of years some of my most fun adventuress moments have started out with the phrase, “Hey Audrey.”

“Hey Audrey, wanna go downtown and check out some cool art stuff” “Sure, why not?”

“Hey Audrey, wanna go to a Native American Pow Wow?” “Of course!”

“Hey Audrey, wanna meet me in Palau.” “Uh YA!”

So, late last night Audrey arrived in Palau and early this morning we were up and ready to take advantage of our first free day. The morning’s plans were simple, get breakfast, check computer and then see how we can get around the city. We decided on doing quick and easy, going across the street from the dorms to the Flamingo, some of the students had said they had gone there the first night and had a great time there. We arrived at the Flamingo prior to their official opening and were greeted by the smiling owner Soline, who said that it wasn’t a problem, come on in and she’d get a pot of coffee brewing for us (FINALLY brewed coffee, it had been too long!!). We sat down, caught an internet signal and didn’t get up for over two hours. Being the only ones in the restaurant and being that Soline is super friendly, we got to talking about our plans of touring around for the day and she volunteered her nephew to be our tour guide. After talking a little while longer, Soline decided, she would be our tour guide, she just needed to find someone to watch her restaurant for her while she was gone and went out the front of the restaurant to go find someone Soon enough we found ourselves on the road, coffee and warm food in our bellies and a cooler in the trunk.

Palau is made up of 16 states, where we are staying is Koror, which is also the biggest city in Palau, our destination, 45 minutes away was North Beach, a couple states away (mind you this is all at driving 20mph). Today I think I figured out why everyone is so friendly; they’re just happy. How could you not be happy in such a gorgeous place? There’s really no stress of getting from place to place, as its island time and the speed limit here is sub 25, so not like you could go fast if you wanted to. People help each other; it’s just part of the culture. Anyhow, on the way to North Beach we stopped at the capital of Palau. A beautiful building that architecturally combines both the Palauan styles and the colonial style of columns; it was interesting to me to see the capital building because it reminded me of government buildings in the US; however it was still very Palauan. And unlike the US on a Saturday afternoon, there was no one there. I mean no one, no one working, no guards, no tourists, just us.

North Beach is what you kind of think of when you think amazon beach community: very lush, cute little cabins and chickens running around. We arrived at North Beach and were instantly cooler (yahoo!). North Beach is owned by Soline’s family and is also the place where the brought the Survivor contestants after they had been “cast-offed.” There are no fences between places on this beach, but there’s really no need, each of their neighbors are family members for a considerable stretch down the beach till you hit the senator’s house. Soline walked us down the empty beach until we reached Uncle Sam’s. Uncle Sam is a crack up! We had an amazing time sitting on Uncle Sam’s deck, sipping drinks, talking about our project, Palauan culture and life in general. These are the kind of days that are just so special. You wake up with no expectations, go wherever the road takes you and thoroughly enjoy the company you are with.

One Response to Palau Day 4: Hey Audrey!

  1. Leslie Knight says:

    Hi Allison,
    Once again you have taken me with you on an amazing journey. Your blog creates wonderful images for me and makers me laugh. And as always, your pictures are terrific. I hope you get this. It’s the second time I’m writing this letter. Love you Lots. Mom

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