Palau Day 09: The Capital, a Waterfall and a Gianourmous Crab!

Today was a full free day, so we again broke up into smaller groups for some quality Palau time. As one group dove, another group of us explored Palau up above. Armed with a full tank of gas and a handmade map (see below), we started out in the direction of the capital:

Well, as beautiful as our map was, we must have forked right at the gas station, instead of left at the airport sign, because instead of finding the capital building we found an old Japanese war building. Sweet, but now how do we get to the capital? Well, we had passed by the US embassy, so we decided to stop by and ask them for directions. When we arrived at the guard shack of the embassy, we saw the newspaper with our faces on it sitting at the desk, we got a kick out of saying, “hey that’s us!” The people at the embassy were super friendly and helpful, and drew us a new map… see video below!

Finally, we made it to the capital. We wandered around for a bit, got attacked by wasps (yikes! Special note, Vicks vapor run works wonders for wasp stings!!) and decided it was time to head to the waterfall we had been hearing so much about.

The week we arrived in Palau they opened “Eco Land,” an area surrounding the waterfall that includes ziplining and a monorail that will take you down the steep incline to the waterfall (and back up again too!). However, to enjoy the “full” experience (or because we didn’t know better), we grabbed a hiking stick decided to hike down ourselves. A half hour later we were being refreshed with the gentile mist and breathtaking view of a giant waterfall. We played around in the warm waters for a bit, taking some photos (of course, man I’m loving my underwater camera) and Otis’ed the waterfall. That’s right, forget planking, we’re Otising out here (creating the word Otis in random spots).

Only too soon, it was time to take the sweaty hike back up, we so earned our coconuts at the top!!

Whenever I go anywhere, one of my favorite parts of exploring is trying the food, so when Stefanie, said let’s try the local crab, there was no hesitation. So reservations were made for the Landmark Marine Hotel where they serve giant crab. Ok, giant is an understatement, this thing was gianourmous, weighing four pounds, the sucker was the size of my head; no way I’d like to run into him in a dark alley or in the ocean for that matter, but oh was he tasty!!

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