Palau Day 11: Living in a postcard

Today was wedding day. As the bride and groom prepared for their nuptials, the rest of us had the morning free, which meant I headed over to visit Soline at the Flamingo, get a cup of coffee or three and work on all these photos I’ve been taking. As many of you may know, communication is difficult here. Our cell phones don’t work and the internet goes in and out, and even amongst ourselves we have had to come up with new systems to communicate when we leave campus. A couple days in we devised a rudimentary system, where we leave a book in the common room and write in it where we are, one for safety, but two, so if other people want to join. Soon after I had finished my first cup of coffee, other Otisites began to trickle in for more coffee, pancakes and bacon.

After our bellies were full, it was off to North Beach for a little swimming and a wedding! North Beach was even more beautiful then I remembered. Standing in water so warm and so clear, it quite literally could be bath water, I had a thought, being in Palau is like living in a postcard! Seriously though, eleven days in and we haven’t stopped saying “wow, can you believe how beautiful this place is??” The camera bug in me has on turbo-charge, capturing moments and scenery that are both beautiful and inspiring, of which Stephanie and Bryan’s was both. Every bride and groom wants their “perfect” wedding, but how often does that happen? Stephanie and Bryan’s wedding was perfect. Just before the ceremony, the rain rolled in, but no one stressed, right as they were ready to go, the clouds parted and the sunlight shined through. We all gathered for the short ceremony, conducted by one of our instructors, Cindi Alvitre, who just so happens to be an ordained minister. Bridesmaids included two of Hee Jae’s classmates who Stephanie has also known and worked closely with during Hee Jae’s time at Otis. Soline from the Flamingo helped coordinate the location and cater the food, Adora from the PCC helped put together a reception/after party and Rene from Kramer’s made the couple a giant fruit bat wedding cake! Everything truly was perfect; however the topper was that right after the ceremony ended, a beautiful rainbow streaked the sky. With all the rain we’ve had, this rainbow was the first one we had seen in Palau and we have kept seeing rainbows ever since!

2 Responses to Palau Day 11: Living in a postcard

  1. Joan says:

    Please send my congratulations to Stephanie! Joan T.O.

  2. Stephanie & Bryan says:

    We want to thank everyone for making our day the most special moment in our lives. It was storybook- or should we say “storyboard” picture perfect!

    ~Steph & Bry

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