Palau Lucky 13

Today we had the day off, and finally I truly took the day off. No blogging (sorry folks Peleliu wore me out), no coordinating schedules, no cell phone (well this was true for most of the trip). At this point in the trip I am tired, I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere, if people would only let me stay asleep; however, I can’t turn down a boat ride in Palau. So I followed my fellow Otis coworkers back to Jellyfish Lake to capture some more b-roll. We’re on the home-stretch here, so it just doesn’t make sense to quit and spend a day sleeping now.

Jellyfish Lake was just as remarkable as it was the first time. Numerous people have stated how swimming there is how they envision being in outer-space would be like – weightless with pretty pink blobs floating by. I didn’t have a chance to write about the history of the lake the first time we were there, so here’s the rundown on the jellies. Jellyfish lake is reported to be approximately 12,000 years old and about 30 meters deep and it is the one place in the world where the jellyfish do not sting, didn’t think we were totally crazy did you? The jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake have no natural predators and therefore no need to sting; through evolution the jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake have thusly lost the ability to sting. There are two types of jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake, Golden Jellyfish and Moon Jellyfish, both of which feed through a photosynthesis-like process, much like plants. The way these jellyfish feed, means that they follow the sunlight, this was particularly evident to us when we returned to Jellyfish Lake in full sunlight and went “hey, where are all the jellies?” Well, in full-sunlight the jellyfish do not need to come to the surface, but as soon as the clouds began to cover the sun and the rain began to fall, here came all the jellyfish!! More info on Jellyfish lake here

Last night my feet were the main course for a couple dozen sand flies or mosquitoes or whatever flying, biting insects were hanging around while we feasted on coconut crabs (a double feast I suppose). The coconut crabs were amazing and so were my feet apparently, because today it looks like I have small pocks or something else contagious. Sarah on the other-hand missed only her shins in sun-screening, so together we are two sexy ladies, but none of this really matters, we’re in PALAU!!

Seriously, the island temperament is really rubbing off on us all. Today our boat broke down and we were stranded at Jellyfish Lake for a bit of time. Meh, we were stranded at Jellyfish Lake, I mean how bad could that be? So we grabbed our snorkel gear and checked out the areas around the dock as we waited for another boat to come by and give us a “jump.” Island life is really a beautiful thing, when people don’t stress about the minor problems, but instead appreciate what they do have, warm, crystal blue waters, non-stinging jellyfish, good food and good people, what more could a person need?

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