West LA Summer Dodgeball

My Palauan bug bits have faded into faint pink dots on my feet, the suitcase has been stored back in the garage, I have caught up on my sleep ; sigh, Oh how I miss Palau! That being said, I still have two Palau blogs to post; however, I made it back stateside just in time for…..DODGEBALL!! Yep, the summer seasons are in full swing. Oh the bitter sweet sting of a rubber ball kissing your skin, the smell of a sweaty gym socks (or in my case gloves… ya don’t get me started on my gloves, but hey I need to protect my digits!!), the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, OH DODGEABALL!!!

Below are the team photos and some action shots from the current West LA Season of WDS (World Dodgeball Society). If you miss the playground and are looking for a great group of “big” kids to hang out with, you must check out the World Dodgeball Society, a new league is currently forming in Long Beach (just sayin’).

– Allison

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