What’s Better than Dodgeball?…. More Dodgeball! Hello Killaz vs Kenny Dodgers

Since I’m no longer injured (or at least choosing to ignore my current injuries) that means I get to play dodgeball again! Which also means I can’t shoot all the teams in one day, to my own team’s dismay, no, my camera does not come out onto the court while I am playing. One of the teams I missed the other day was Hello Killaz, below are photos of them vs the Kenny Dodgers.

*Photographers (geek) note: After three times of shooting at Stoner Rec, I finally found an exposure setting I’m happy with (yay for less post-production!!). ISO 4000, f4 at a 250th… and yes, I love my 7D for allowing me to shoot at ISO 4000! For those trying to shoot indoor sports, I reccomend bumping your iso as high as it will go and still look decent and opening your aperture as wide as it will go. These gyms may not look dark to our eyes, but especially with all the fast motion, it’s pretty dark in there and you have to be very careful to not let your shutter speed drop too low.

– Allison

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