Flavor Country Dodgeball: NDL mini-warmup tourney for VEGAS!

Dodgeball is a little bit of a cult, you don’t know about it, till you know about it and then bam, it’s everywhere! There’s all these underground happenings and different leagues and styles of play. One of the newest groups to emerge is FLAVOR COUNTRY Dodgeball, hosted by Dave Benedetto, also known as Super Dave (If you’ve ever seen this guy play dodgeball, you won’t question the name). Flavor Country Dodgeball is pure dodgeball, it’s about getting a bunch of competitive spirits together and well, hurling balls at each other. What more could you ask for? This weekend’s mini tournament also acted as a warmup for the Vegas Pro Tournament to be played next weekend in VEGAS… Yes, it is totally dodgeball the movie; a tournament in Vegas for cash prizes (it’s got everything but a pirate named Steve and a wager to save Average Joes Gym… and I could be wrong about the pirate).

Dodgeball might be a “kid’s game,” but so are baseball, soccer and basketball… and the National Dodgeball League (the rules and style play today’s tourney followed) ain’t no little league. The balls are 8.5inch hard rubber balls, not those alligator skin “no-sting” (that still sting) balls we use in stay-puff WDS dodgeball. These guys hand out bruises like candy on Halloween and it’s not uncommon to receive a concussion or break a finger either (no mom, I don’t play NDL! I promise). These guys are athletes, jumping into the air with the grace of a gymnast and snatching out a fireball with the ease of a professional goalkeeper. It’s impressive to watch and a ton of fun to shoot!

Enjoy the pics and good luck to the all the Cali folk (and Arizona guys) who will be competing next week in Vegas!!

3 Responses to Flavor Country Dodgeball: NDL mini-warmup tourney for VEGAS!

  1. Kayl Harrell says:

    As always, excellent work my dear…

  2. Dan Levine says:

    Reality almost paled by comparison.

  3. James Monge says:

    amazing shots, amazing moments.

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