WLA Dodgeball: Pan Dulce Vs Los Banditos De Amor

The last week of the regular West LA dodgeball season is upon us, this week was rivalry week and no game in West LA was more anticipated then Pan Dulce vs Los Banditos De Amor. After 50 minutes of blood, sweat and bruises; Pan Dulce was the victors with a final score of 4-3. However, in a twist of fait and seeding, Los Banditos De Amor will have another shot at Pan Dulce in the first round of playoffs this coming Monday!

As the West LA season is heating up, the Manhattan Beach season has sadly come to a close. So I want to send out some love to my Manhattan Beach Boozehounds who barely missed the championship in double overtime sudden death! Sigh… 2nd place again, always a bridesmaid, the never the bride… I know I have more photos of West LA, but there is a special place in my heart for my Manhattan Beach team. GOOOO BOOOOZEHOUNNNDS!! Oh and Southside Regulators (RIP Nate Dogg) and everyone else who dons braces, knee pads, and tape to hobble onto the court to enjoy a pelting to the face. Oh dodgeball, you hurt so good.

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