Belles of the Ball: Ladies Dodgeball Tournamnet 9/10/11

YES ANNOOOTHER Dodgeball post! But this one is particularly special, this post is of a GIRL’S only charity tournament, with proceeds ($800 worth) and donations of business clothing and accessories supporting Chrysalis .

Sooo, if you’ve been following along, you know, sometimes I shoot and sometimes I play. Well, at this tournament I got to do both!! (my team awesome team bellow).

Special thanks to my awesome media team cohorts, Faith, Mark and Ahn for helping take photos of this fun and exhausting event!! (Me in action!)

Thank you Faith, for this particular photo illustrating my point of the exhausting (I made a promise to include this one haha).

Playing with just the girls is different, for one, we actually get to PLAY!!

Sorry guys, but when we play with you, you guys hog all the balls, so with no dudes to get in the way we all left the tournament sweaty and with sore arms; it was great!

Also, all the girls were so fantastic, little to no arguing, no angry comments. It was as blissful as dodgeball can get… The tournament was so successful that there are rumors of having a girl league…. World Dodgeball Society folks, let’s make this happen :O)

More on the tourney: 120 awesome ladies, comprising 12 teams, played 4 hours of fun and competitive dodgeball. In the end C-punch 2.0 (sorry ladies for the edit) took out the team hailing from Arizona that had the entire gym on the edge of their seats… including the pre-teen boys on skateboards that wandered in mesmerized.

My own team made it to the semi-finals, battling through two knock out rounds playing (wo)man down. It was an absolute blast and I can’t wait to do it again!! PS. More pics on facebook!!

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