Otis Participates in National Coastal Cleanup Day 2011

For the second year in a row Otis College of Art and Design participated in National Coastal Cleanup day (year one blog here), hosting a two-day event of fun, education and activism. Friday night’s event at the Custom Hotel was bigger and better than last year. Not only did we screen an important environmental film, but the group FMLY also joined us, bringing with them the musical stylings of Jack Littman and Kynan (both very enjoyable) and their free-store a way of recycling and re-purposing clothing.

In addition, SurfRider (host of Saturday’s beach cleanup) had a goal to make this year’s beach cleanup a “zero waste” event, meaning, that in the efforts to cleanup the beach we would not add to the trash, people would bring their own gloves and bags. To help with the “zero waste” effort, SurfRider was on hand Friday night to make bags out of used t-shirts and tank tops.

Another highlight of Friday’s event was a visit from Councilman Bill Rosendahl, who delivered a speech before the movie that was both animated and engaging. Mr. Rosendahl talked about his early years in politics and taking his 29th year off to explore the world, encouraging listeners to also go out there and make a difference!

This year’s movie was the documentary Waste land. Produced by the same people who made the fiction film “City of God” (one of my personal all-time favorite foreign films), Wasteland illustrates the life of the “pickers,” workers in Brazil who make their living literally picking through mountains of trash in the “waste lands” / dumps in Brazil. It is a moving film, that depicts the life of people who want better for themselves and their children and the impact that waste and lack of recycling can have on a community. If you missed the movie night, you need to see this film (it’s netflixable!).

Saturday morning we again met at Daniel’s bike shop to bike to the Beach Cleanup, this year the at Venice Pier.

Preliminary reports state that (with 80% of the cleanup sites reporting):
“Statewide count stands at 62,963 volunteers.
Those volunteers picked up 523,201 pounds of trash
and an additional 68,543 pounds of recyclable materials,
for a total of 591,743 pounds.

Great job everyone!!

And of course, no Otis Beach-Cleanup would be complete without a tasty scoop of ice cream (included with rental from Daniel’s Bike shop)!

A special thanks to the DCA for contributing funds to make this event possible!!

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