Jive Turkey Dodgeball Tourney 2011

What are you thankful for?

If you’re lucky: family, health, good friends, a decent job ect.

These of course are staples; so how lucky am I that I am thankful for so much more?

I am deeply thankful that I am surrounded by so many groups of awesome people, that know how to enjoy life. I have my group of friends that I met playing volleyball, that lead me to my book club friends and kickballers (and THE BOOZEHOUNDS!), which in turn lead me to girls’ dinner club and dodgeball. I moved back to Redondo Beach 4 years ago and I’m pretty busy these days, my couch misses me.

On Saturday, November 17th, in the spirit of thankfulness, the World Dodgeball Society hosted their 2nd annual Jive Turkey Potluck style (random draw) Dodgeball Tournament. After 4 hours of calorie reducing dodging and diving, Team Giblets won the golden turkeys and a pie in the face (Tory was such a good sport!).

This tournament was particularly special for me, not just because I had an awesome team (which they were!), but also because it was my first event as the official WDS Staff Photographer! Yep, I’m now officially official!! So be on the look out for more dodgeball’n. You’ll also be able to find more photos in some new places, both on the WDS flickr site and on the WDS Facebook site

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Hope you enjoy some fantastic food with some equally fantastic people and then work it off doing something fun… say like a lil dodgball’n? ;o)

Gobble, Gobble – Allison

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One Response to Jive Turkey Dodgeball Tourney 2011

  1. robertsitalia says:

    Great pics, some really epic faces on some of the players!

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