Elite 8 Dodgeball tournament 121011

If you had asked me a little more than a year ago how far I would drive for dodgeball, I would probably say about 15 minutes… Fast-forward to now and I’m routinely driving more than an hour to different leagues and tournaments. This weekend’s Elite 8 was the first of many Elite Invitational Dodgeball tournaments, where people drove as many as 16 hours in a span of 30 to participate… and did so happily! The Elite 8 had teams of 6 ducking, dodging and diving for 5 exciting hours and $2,100 in cash prizes!!

Congratulations to San Diego’s Rise who took home the top prize as well as all of the other participants and organizers who came together to create a highly competitive and very fun day of dodgeball’n!

Check out The Elite Dodgeball Invitational fan page for up coming competitive cash tournaments!!

One Response to Elite 8 Dodgeball tournament 121011

  1. bazel larosa says:

    Nice pictures, thank for supporting dodgeball

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