Tron Dodgeball… ohhh yaaaaah

What’s cooler and more daring then regular dodgeball? Black-light dodgeball in a dusty warehouse of course!!

I guess I knew what I was getting myself into, but then again I didn’t. For some reason, when I thought black-light dodgeball I thought laser tag, which it kind of was in a way, but way more intense!! Last Friday, the fog was pea-soup thick which gave the street outside the warehouse an ominous feel, adding to my normal fog of where am I going wonderment. Thankfully, just as I was passing the address, Alicia called and confirmed I was in the right place. I parked and she greeted me at the gate wearing dodgeball tights, glow necklaces and a dust mask, it was quite the outfit. Alicia then guided me with the light from her cell phone through the empty warehouse to the sounds of thunks and laughter and there it was Black-Light Dodgeball aka Tron Dodgeball! It’s kinda like walking into the fight club for the first time, that extra element of danger in the air, I mean, you thought it was difficult to catch a regular dodgeball zooming at you in a well lit gym… well try one in a darkened warehouse while breathing into a dust mask and oh ya, Vince is the one throwing it! Ya, I happily attempted to take pictures of Tron Dodgeball instead of playing and it was pretty awesome even from the sidelines!!

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