Where Exactly is Palau?

When I say we’re going to Palau I often receive the “oh that’s great” with a polite head-nod followed up by a pause and “ok, where exactly is Palau?”

I like visuals, so here’s a map of where Palau is:

Specifically, Palau is located off the coast of the Philippines between Japan and Australia or more specifically: 7.34257 latitude and 134.479 longitude.

Instead of flying through Hawaii and Guam, this year, we will be flying through Japan (one of my favorite airports ever, home of my first heated toilet seat!! Ya, I’ll take pictures for you). The flight will take 17 hours which includes a 2 hour layover. We will fly into the Korror airport and be staying with our good friends at the Palau Community College dorms in Palau’s most populous city of Korror, 12676 people (according to the GeoNames geographical database), a little more then half the population of the tiny California city of Hermosa Beach.

Or I can grin and say, “Palau is a remote slice of paradise resting peacefully in the crystal blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.”

T-minus two days till departure!

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