We Made it.. Good Morning Palau!!

YAYAYA!! Just getting to Palau was a bit of an adventure. After arriving at the airport almost 3 hours early, the long check in processes got us just to our get in time to board the plane! But we made it and we were ready to go… Unfortunately, our plane was not. Back off the plane and into the airport we sat and waited for the good news that our plane was ready.

Almost 3 hours after we were supposed to leave we were finally taxing down the runway on our way to Japan (not knowing if we were going to make our connecting flight). Normally, not making a connecting flight is a hassle, but not making a connecting flight to Palau is a big deal; there’s only one flight every other day from Japan to Palau. We decided not to worry to much about it, worse comes to worse Delta pays us for a mini holiday in Japan. So we hunkered down for the 10 hour plus flight to Japan.

The flight itself was somewhat pleasurable. I’m always so busy I rarely have time to sit and enjoy movies (without doing something else at the same time, like folding laundry or working on photos), but being trapped on a floating tin can you really don’t have much more to do then sit back and relax. I’m easily entertained and Delta’s new touch screen media display was highly enjoyable. There were not only a plethora of movies to choose from but also games and television shows. I selected a nice Indy flick and sat back and enjoyed the ride… and then a comedy and then some games and then another movie and then Dougie Howser (I was especially excited for this one), but you get the point, it was a long flight!

Despite the delays we touched down 5 minutes early at 11:25pm on Monday June 4th. We were greeted by our friends from the PCC Dorms and taken back home.

Waking up in Palau is pretty awesome, it’s like we never left, the green calmness surrounds you like a warm hug (or maybe that’s the humidity), either way it’s amazing! More soon, I need a nap before our next meeting.

Cheers, Allison

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