Day 6 Part 2: Adora does it all… I think she might be a real live wonder woman

Adora is one of our main contact at PCC (Palau Community College), she helps make things happen for us. Scheduling, touring, telling us where to and where not to eat, technology like getting us a projector for our presentations, translating, well you get the point; Adora is our go to gal! The other day we were seeing if Adora would like to join us for our celebration dinner at the Taj, when she said she had to practice the piano for church. Interested, I asked if I could join Adora when she performed at church. So last night at 6:15, Adora picked me up to go with her to the 7th Day Adventist youth service. Short and sweet, the service had short sermons and beautiful music. As I mentioned earlier today, I’m not the most religious person, but I love spirituality, when I traveled to Korea I went to as many Buddhist temples as possible, so attending church with Adora was a lot of fun for me, I particularly enjoyed the music!

As we were leaving church, Adora checked her phone and found that she was still in time for her softball game, so straight from church we headed to the softball field, a quick car change (aka telephone booth: superman reference), Adora went from church pianist to second basewoman for the PCC softball team.

I played softball growing up and coed softball as an adult, but I was not prepared for the level of softball in Palau. Pulling into the park, I was greeted by the sounds of a loud speaker with what I’m assuming was baseball patter in Palaun. It was kind of like hearing a Mexican soccer game, lots of excited words you don’t understand and then GOAAALLLL… Though instead of Goal, it was lots of words I didn’t understand and then HOMEYYYYY (yah, they said homey instead of homerun). The air was perfect, not too hot, not cold with a gentle breeze and the smell of wet grass and dirt, the crack of the bat echoed over the cheers and jeers of the crowed. And what a crowed! It felt like half of Korror was at the ball park! In the end the PCC triumphed over Surangle and Sons grocery store 11

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