Day 11

I limped in early last night (not an actual limp but a slow shuffle due to a blown out flip flop – don’t worry mom no actual damage to me, just the flip flop) with the plans to take a shower and work on the blog, flipping on the light switch all the lights flashed and ceased to work… SO now I’m taking a COLD shower in the dark… Only in Palau could this combination of conditions happen and it still be an awesome day!

People’s emotions are more heightened each day as we near the end of our trip, each meeting is more intense then the next and each day feels like a week. Today was another double header, but before we started without own presentations we sat in on a special non-Otis presentation. In the same room we were later presenting in, PCC was holding a signing ceremony to commemorate the start of the Education USA center in Palau. Education USA has 400 centers worldwide offering unbiased info about studying abroad in the US. It was special to witness this signing; also a perfect opportunity to hand out all the Otis literature Matt had packed for us to the high school and college counselors.

After the signing ceremony it was our turn to present to the PCC president Patrick Tellei and other PCC representatives; however, we had no idea what a turn out there would be!! People kept filtering in, more and more, it was the largest crowd any IL class has presented to and again it was very warmly received.

After a quick lunch it was off to Otv to film a television episode where the students presented their projects and then had a short Q&A session.

While at Otv we learned that some of the crew members would be playing at Cramer’s (one of our favorite local restaurants) so of course we had to go out and support our new friends and indulge in some fine food and beverage.

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