Day 12

Today I woke up to a crazy storm, wind howling, rain pounding, if this was California, I’m sure our dorms would have just floated away. The power went out (again), but other than that we faired pretty well (other than me crawling into the fetal position in my bed, back to the window, it Really was stormy out there, it was kinda spooky!!).

The rain paused and the lights came back on just in time for our big meeting with the Governor of Korror and his board. This meeting was particularly important as our proposed site is in the State of Korror. After the presentation we had a thoughtful discussion of how our proposal might fit into their plans and we look forward to potential collaboration that might make Long Island an amazing destination.

It rained off and on today, so water activities didn’t seem like the best idea; instead, during the break many of us toured some of the local museums and gift shops (it’s our second to last day so people need their souvenirs!). We stopped off at Yanos for lunch (how did it take me till the end of my second trip to find this place?!) one of my new favorite places to eat and walked the length of Korror, finally having a few moment that we weren’t being rushed.

In the evening time, we had an outdoor public meeting at Sam’s Tours. As we waited for the presentation to begin, people sat quietly looking out into the bay, reflecting over the past two weeks. We’ve seen so much growth in the students, their confidence levels have been elevated, many have conquered fears or found a new perspective in life; it’s been pretty awesome to be a part of.

After the brief respite, it was presentation time! Many of our favorite locals were in attendance, Sam, Rene, Doug, Cliff, as well as the local yacht club and the US Ambassador, Ms. Helen Reed Rowe. Though we’ve me Ambassador Row a few times, this was the first time she had seen our presentation and she was quite impressed…. And then we were done with final presentation and it was time to celebrate!

The entire group of us, students, faculty, staff and even a couple locals headed to the Drop Off for a celebration meal (and as much fresh fish as we could stuff ourselves with!). There is a lot of food we all miss (especially the access to fresh fruit and vegetables); however, the fish here has ruined us for all other fish. I mean when they say “fresh” they REALLY mean it, most likely the little fishy was happily swimming in the ocean just hours before dinner time. The sashimi here melts in your mouth, ok, ok, I’m making myself hungry…

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  1. Travelling mercies to you all. See you on Saturday.

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