Day 00 Palau 2013 Pre-departure: Here we go again!

Day 00 Palau 2013 Pre-departure: Here we go again!

Just as we are beginning to appreciate the slower pace that the end of the school year brings, it’s time to hit the road; we’re headed back to Palau! This will be our third and possibly final trip to Palau to finalize the designs of the Palauan Freedom Memorial. This year students focused on small refinements to the previous designs; our time in Palau will be spent presenting these changes as well as collecting oral histories to be integrated as pictographs on the memorial’s monoliths.

I am getting excited to visit my old friends, the amazing Adora, Soline and our friends at the Flamingo and all of the wonderful people at the Palau Community Collage (PCC). I can already feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, a special bit of peace as I look out at the clear, blue waters and the taste of the food from Yanos market in my belly!! My bags are halfway packed, I’m almost ready to go, I’m leaving on a jet plane ohh so early in the morning!

Tentative Schedule:
June 2nd: Leave LAX at 8:23 a.m. Meeting time 5:30am
June 3nd: Land in Palau 8:15 p.m.
June 4rd: Jet lag/Orientation Day/School Tour/Tour of Koror
June 5th: Peleliu Land Tour
June 6th: Meeting with Government
June 7th: United Artists of Belau Presentation (Tentative)
June 8th: Rock Island Tour
June 9th: Free Day
June 10th: Oral Narrative Collection Day
June 11th: Oral Narrative Collection Day
June 12th: Public Presentation
June 13th: Free Day
June 14th: Leave Koror at 2:35am / arrive at LAX at 4:47am on June 14th (A 16 hour time difference will make it seem like a 2 hour flight… it won’t be…)

As always, the activities may and will probably change once we arrive in Palau, but it wouldn’t be quite the adventure otherwise!

For more information on Palau and our past adventures, please visit our previous blogs or click here


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