Palau 2013 Day 04: Rock Islands Tour, swimming in an aquarium

Palau04-2728One of the highlights of any trip to Palau is the Rock Island’s tour. Today we visited our good friends at Sam’s Tours to experience some of the surreal beauty that Palau has to offer. This is my third time in Palau and sometimes I still have to pinch myself to make sure it isn’t a dream, the snorkeling here is out of this world; you literally feel like you’ve stuck your face into a high-priced aquarium.

Part of the fun for us staff and faculty is seeing all the first timers experience the Rock Islands; excitement is contagious and both boats were teeming with it. Although it was the staffs third time on this tour, we had a new dive stop, Hidden Lake. To enter this lake you must pass through a small opening in the rocks, which you can only do when the tide is just right. It was a bit scary passing over the soft coral and trying not to bump your knees, but once you made it through the passageway we had an enclosed area all to ourselves. I have no words that will sum up Palau, photos, are a start:

Our next stop was the Drop-off, characterized by its shallow coral reef, that quickly “drops-off” 3000 feet, hang on to your cameras, masks and fins here, because if you drop it… there’s no getting it back. The drop-off is my favorite snorkel spot, I love the contrast between the reef and the deep blue nothingness, plus there are soooo many different kinds of fish here and such a plethora of them as well.

After the Drop-off it was time for lunch with a view. The students couldn’t stop grinning when we anchored on the white sands of a beach on one of the smaller Rock Islands. We ate next to the water and then our favorite guide Malahi showed us how to husk coconuts

We call this photo died and gone to heaven…

After lunch it was time to travel to outer-space, or a lake that resembles something from a sci-fi channel, Jelly Fish Lake. It’s one of the few places in the world where Jellyfish are protected from natural predators and have therefore overtime lost there ability to sting, which means you can safely swim in a swarm of these pink, pulsing creatures.Palau04-2622

After the Jellys we made a quick stop at the giant clams (an area that contains 7 or the 9 species of the world’s clams and where some clams can grow to six feet in length and 3 feet in diameter. Lastly we finished up at the Milkyway. Named for it’s creamy color, the Milkyway contains the same mud that you would find at Glenn Ivy or other high-end resorts. As tradition calls for we covered ourselves in mud (not just for the pictures, it’s supposed to be amazing for your skin!).Palau04-2738

I’m beat and my bed is calling my name, but I’ll leave my Otis friends with one more little something:

One Response to Palau 2013 Day 04: Rock Islands Tour, swimming in an aquarium

  1. kmedrang sengebau says:

    yeah i live there!!!! so proud to be palauan… buik er belau 4 life!!

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