Palau 2013 Day 05 Sorry I have to go the President Just Called…

In the morning we met with the Society of Historians, Sonny and Linda. The students presented their current ideas and we discussed the collection of the narratives and how they would be carved and into which materials. Both Sonny and Linda were super helpful, referring us to an existing group of stories that has been in fact vetted and having many ideas for materials that can be used for the monoliths. It was just about 10am and we had the rest of the day free… or so we thought… On the way back to the dorms students who hadn’t seen the prisoner’s gift shop went in and looked around and then everyone dispersed for a little R&R.

At 1:08pm the phone rings, it’s Rich calling to inform me that we have a meeting with the President scheduled…at 3pm today… OK, so much for our elusive jet-lag day (3 days later we still haven’t had it); let’s rally the students and fast! Good thing it’s a small island and that the students travel in packs. The phone tree started to ring out and it became one of those where were you when you received the call to meet the president, at lunch with a view, getting a massage or in Matt’s case, being caught in a downpour as his backpack started a chorus of rings as he had several of the students’ phones where in his dry bag. In under two hours all 17 students, 4 faculty and three staff members were changed and in the common room of the dorms ready to board the bus and meet President Tommy Remengesau.

The presentation to the president was a success. There were smiles all around and the only complaint was that the ribbon cutting couldn’t come soon enough. It’s been a whirlwind couple of days; I can only imagine what the rest of the trip will hold!

One Response to Palau 2013 Day 05 Sorry I have to go the President Just Called…

  1. Joan Takayama-Ogawa says:

    Thank you Alison for photographing memories.

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