Palau 2013 Day 06

Ahh finally a day of rest; well, sort of. Last night I finally got to bed early and was able to wake up early enough for a run. Living at the dorms has many perks, one of them being its proximity to the track. So at 6:30am, before the heat of the day, I went for a run on the gorgeous, rubber track just yards from my room; my cold shower felt amazing afterwards (even with my lights going out halfway through it). We met as a group at 8:30 to find out what our schedule was and were put on hold to see if meetings could be finalized. Not knowing if we’d get a call like the day before that we would need to meet with the Queen in an hour, we all stayed near the dorms for the morning, most of us congregating in the new coffee shop that also hosts FREE internet! Ahh this place is great, full service coffee, fresh waffles, air conditioning; what more can you ask for?! Part of what’s wonderful about Palau is that you are forced to disconnect from your normal life, American cell phones don’t work here, the internet is hard to access and when you do, it is painfully slow, but it was nice for all the students to take an “American moment” with their lattes and internet.

Around midday, we heard that we were free for the rest of the day and students disbursed to tend to sunburns, bug bites and explore a little more of Palau. A few students ended up at Tebang, the wood carving place, many at riptide, an amazing beach and others visited the capital building. It was nice for everyone to have a little free time to decide for themselves what they would like to do. As for me, I did a little of everything. I visited the wood carvers (after three visits to Palau this year I will be finally bringing home a storyboard of my own!), I stopped by the Flamingo to catch up with Soline and I made it to Riptide just in time to see the fading sun paint the sky pink.

At the end of the day most of the group met at the Taj to celebrate Logan’s 21st birthday! So many people do Vegas for their 21st birthday; however, it’s hard to beat celebrating your big day in Palau!! Tomorrow is Pelielu, so I’m taking some Benadryl for my bug bites (which are beginning to connect in places) and going to bed!

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