Palau 2013 Day 07 Peleliu

Today was our Peleliu tour, home to one of the bloodiest battles of WWII. However, the landscape bares few scars from the past, more just remnants and relics that continue to be uncovered. Our Pelelliu days are more intense, half due to our knowledge of what happened there and half due to the heat. It’s hot in Palau, but Peleliu is on another level. Being both very hot and humid, the amount you sweat is incredible, just standing in place I sweat more than a double header of dodgeball or a 10k run; it’s nuts! That being said, today was the most comfortable I’ve ever been in Peleliu, it was still way hot, but it was not so hot I couldn’t enjoy the beautiful landscape; Peleliu is gorgeous, it’s crazy hot, but it’s also quite beautiful.

During the course of the day we visited White Sands Beach, which holds special significant, as it is the beach our faculty member Cindi’s father’s Platoon came to Palau through, during the Battle of Peleliu. We also visited Orange Beach, Honeymoon Beach and Bloody Nose Ridge, where you can take a stair case with 114 steps (there used to be 115) to a lookout point of the whole Island, with panoramic views of every shade of green. It is hard to imagine this place burned to the ground as it was during the war.

For more information on Peleliu or our tour here, please visit the blog from our first tour.

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