Palau 2013 Day 08: Free Day

I slept 8.5 hours last night, best night’s sleep I’ve ever had in Palau, woke up worked on the blog and then went back to sleep for another hour. Last night was the first night I just didn’t have the energy to wrestle with the internet to get the blog up; the internet here is like our old school dialup, but less consistent. It makes more sense once you’re here why it’s so hard to get people to email you from Palau, it’s not that they don’t want to; it’s just not so easy here.

Today was our first entirely free day and it was glorious to be able to sleep in and do things at our leisure. At some point in the morning it felt like time to get out of bed and I made it as far as the coffee shop / central meeting place (because it has non-instant coffee and free wifi!) and as I sipped my iced cappuccino, students also trickled in. From the coffee shop, a group of us met up at the wood carvers for what basically turned into an art lesson in wood carving. The guys at Tebang patiently showed the students the process and techniques to wood carvings and let the students chip away on their own wood. Of course the students did great their first go around, impressing the seasoned carvers with their first-timer carvings.

In the late afternoon, Matt and I snuck away with our good friend Soline to PPR (Palau Pacific Resort) to enjoy mocktails and cocktails by the beach, where we were also treated to traditional dances performed by one of the local dance troops. Reports back of other activities from the students included scuba diving, souvenir shopping and playing volleyball while swimming and grilling fresh caught fish with some of the PCC students from Chook, another Micronesian Island. One of the best things about staying at the PCC dorms is that we’re right in the middle of things, right in the middle of Korror and immersed amongst all of the PCC students. One of the wonderful things that happens each year is that our students make friends with the PCC students from throughout Micronesia, and as one of the Otis students relayed to me today: it’s not an experience you would have staying at a hotel.

One Response to Palau 2013 Day 08: Free Day

  1. Leeka, Andrew says:

    Wonderful shots!
    I am so pleased the students are immersing themselves into everything. I think this is the first time I have heard about the students carving.

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