Palau 2013 Day 09

Today was a slower pace. After a relaxing morning of lounging and souvenir shopping, we met for a bus tour of Palau, where we visited two places that were new to me and the veteran staff. Our first stop was the Palau research college, part of the USDA network; this location focuses on root crops and ways to increase production, cataloging and efficiency. Spanning 25 acres, the research college takes a look at the sustainability and the productivity of different crops native to Palau.

Our second stop was the fish hatchery; here different fish and crabs are both studied and raised for not only food production, but also to help ward off extinction.

When our tours were over we were free to enjoy the rest of the evening. Matt and I were able to meet up with our old friends from years past, both Charles and Kenny are some of my favorite people and it was nice being able to catch up with them. We ate dinner at Kramers (an old Otis haunt) where we were also reunited with Marsha, who was a PCC student herself during year one of our project. From Kramers we headed to the new hang out “the field” where we met new Palaun friends and were just able to enjoy good company. The people are amazing in Palau and nights like tonight make me remember why I fell in love with this country two years ago.

One Response to Palau 2013 Day 09

  1. Leeka, Andrew says:


    Of all the people, your relationships run the deepest with the Palauans. I love the fact that you know Palau from the individual citizen level all the way up to the President’s office.
    My best to you, Andy

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