Palau 2013 Day10

We’re in the paper! As in years past we were featured in the Tia Belau, with an article about the status of our project and an invitation to our public presentation this coming Thursday.

Today was our museum day, we went to both Belau National Museum and the Epison (spelling might be incorrect) where students were introduced to a past favorite, Elvis the cockatoo.

It was about the time of the second museum where my stomach started doing mini back-flips, so I cabbed it back to the dorms with a small group to relax; however my stomach had other plans…. Ok Mom, don’t freak out, I’M OK, but this blog is a little short on photos today because this was my view for half of the day: Palau10-1624

Yep, sometimes when I get food poisoning, I get it REALLY bad, so I got the insiders tour of the Palau National hospital (conveniently only a $5 cab ride away from the dorms). I must say that it was a relatively easy experience, despite the nature of the visit and not long after they got me hooked up to the IV my stomach stopped seizing and I felt MUCH better.

For Obvious reasons I wasn’t feeling too adventurous tonight. I found myself a baked potato at the Rock Island Cafe and on the way back I couldn’t resist stopping at the ball field and the basketball gym. Visiting a baseball field can be like meditation to me, the crack of the bat, the smell of the wet grass, the athleticism of great plays being made, yep if I’m in the area of a ball field I get drawn in as if by some sort of magnetic force.


When I arrived back at the dorms a number of the students were gathered outside trying to pick up an internet signal and enjoying the balmy night. While I was indisposed during the day, a few of the students had been selected to meet with the tribal historians, who just so happen to be having a conference this week. Historians from most of the 16 states are attending this conference and are the exact people the students need to speak with to clarify what stories should be included on the monoliths. The experience with the historians was described as “magical,” the descriptions of how the meeting went reminded me of the surreal / amazing feeling we all had during year two’s meeting with the Matriarchs. The historians completely understood the intent of the project and were very happy to help gather the proper stories for the students. When we meet as a group again I should have more specifics on this meeting, but from what I gather, another major milestone for the Palau Freedom Memorial was met today.

One Response to Palau 2013 Day10

  1. Leeka, Andrew says:


    I’m glad to hear you are feeling better.
    In the event that any student or instructor has medical needs, Dr. Quartei, Yano (past Minister of Health), or their representatives can step in to help.


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