Palau 2013 Day 11

Today was our last real day, so it was time to pack a little bit of everything into it. A number of us started the day by presenting to one of the classes at the PCC. It always impresses me how the Otis students are willing to take on more presentations and responsibilities for the Freedom Memorial then asked of them. Once in Palau everyone gets a new meaning for the Freedom Memorial and the personal investment in seeing it finalized gets amplified.

Later in the day I hiked out to Tebang to finally purchase my very own storyboard, a manta ray with a story about finding your way back home. I’m super excited to bring this Palaun artwork home and one of the guys from Tebang graciously engraved it with the date and the shop name for me.

After lunch it was time for some snorkeling and relaxing at Rip Tide. It was nice to take a moment to just soak in the view.

In the evening, Matt and I spent a wonderful dinner with our adoptive Palauan family. I don’t have the words to express how amazing these guys are and the people in Palau in general.

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