“Super” Newborn

Boaz_1567RIt is my pleasure to introduce Boaz aka BoazMan!  I love it when people bring props or themes to their shoots.  I always want to capture something that is meaningful to a family and integrating props into a shoot gives me a chance to try new things.  I love sports themes and REALLY love the Super Hero theme (I may or may not also have my own collection of super hero socks and t-shirts; many of which have their own capes).  So when Lisa contacted me about photographing Boaz and mentioned a super hero theme, I was very excited!


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I’ve known Lisa for most my life.  Her sister Brenda is one of my best friends, and I met them both when I was 9 years old. That means I’ve known them for more then 25 years! (Ouch that makes me feel old).  I remember hearing the incredible story of Lisa meeting her now husband Edouard.  It’s a wonderful story of fate and happiness that continues through today.  I couldn’t be happier for them both, and it was an honor and a pleasure photographing their little guy Boaz.

The new studio has been working out great for all sorts of shoots.  Lisa got a number of “action” photos of me in studio, and I want to share them with you.  I feel these behind-the-scene shots give a you a good idea of how I use the space. Thank you Lisa for the shots!


2015 is not over yet!  There are more shoots to come and so many posts to catch up on.

Be in the moment, and remember to capture it!


Boaz C101Boaz Parts

One Response to “Super” Newborn

  1. Brenda Fusco says:

    So awesome! It’s cool Lisa got some behind the scenes shots too!

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