Headshots can be fun!


Happy New Year everyone!  I spent the end of 2015 doing what I love, taking a  variety photos, from families, to babies, events and headshots.

One of my favorite shoots was for my cousin, Erin.  Erin is a music industry lawyer (visit her online here!), so we wanted to do something professional, but not stuffy.  In the digital age an online presence is even more important. With professional networking sites like Linkedin and others, a headshot that not only looks professional, but also captures the image you want to portray is increasingly important.   In the last couple months I’ve done headshots for people from all walks of life, engineers, accountants and authors.  Headshots are not just for actors and real estate agents any more!

I really enjoy being able to find that “look” a person is going for; something that not only expresses their personality, but also makes them feel confident and good about their photos.  It is even more fun if the shoot includes props and when it gives me a great excuse to hang out with some very awesome folks.


Have legal questions concerning the music industry  law?

Erin M. Jacobson is an experienced deal negotiator and a seasoned advisor of intellectual property rights who protects musicians, songwriters, producers, and other entertainment professionals.

At her office in Beverly Hills, CA, Ms. Jacobson handles a wide variety of music and entertainment contracts and services. Her clients range from Grammy and Emmy Award winners to independent artists, record labels, music publishers, and production companies.

Ms. Jacobson is a frequent author and speaker, and also blogs regularly on music industry topics.

Want to start the new year off with a new headshot? Contact me at Allison@AllisonKnightImages.com. 2015 prices will be valid until January 31st.

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