New Year: New Beginnings

Welcome to the world Brandon  Michael Marchbanks!

I’ve always enjoyed January, the start of a new year, new possibilities, the excitement of what the next year might bring.  Babies are sort of like that, the possibilities for them are endless.  Who will the be, what will they become a a doctor, a teacher president, a pro dodgeballer?

Brandon is a dodgeball baby, but not just any dodgeball baby; the son of Vince and Lelia Marchbanks!  We’re talking dodgeball royalty, the son of the co-captain of Team Doom, 3 time winners of Ultimate dodgeball, USA gold medal winner; you get the point, this kid has dodgeball in his blood!  I’ve known Vince for as long as I’ve been playing dodgeball, something like 5 plus years, and I’d must admit, he scared me on the court when I met him.  Vince throws hard, I mean really hard; my largest dodgeball bruise is from Vince,  a giant purple and green, 8 inch wide thing on my thigh (thankfully it was my thigh!). Ok, he still sometimes scares me on the court…  But off the court, Vince has a soft voice and a gentle demeanor, seeing him with an infant seems only too natural.AKI-7151R

It was an honor and a pleasure to photograph the Marchbanks family off the dodgeball court, but I can’t wait to see them back on the court as well!! … Well, preferably on the same side of the court…





Cheers to a New Year!! I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for us all!

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