Family Photos

This post is long overdue, but lots of photography has been happening and a new website is in the works!

Before the holidays, I had the pleasure of photographing my coworker Angelina and her family.  Working at Otis College, I meet and photograph lots of wonderful folks.  At an Art College you find a certain vibrancy, not only in the art, but also in the people you meet.  Photographing coworkers with their families can be especially fun!  Angelina and her family, certainly exemplified this sentiment.


Creating exciting and beautiful family photos is very gratifying for me.  I love being able to capture kids as their parents see them: lively, unique individuals.


And there’s no greater compliment to me, then when a parent looks at a photo and laughs and says, “that’s my kid!”




Happy 2017 everyone, a little late, but more coming soon!!

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