They Call me the Zog-Tog: Sports Photos for ZogSports

Two of my favorite things combine in Photography and Adult Rec Sports (with ZogSports)


For the past year, I’ve captured the rise and fall of the adult rec athlete.  From touchdowns to strike outs, Zog brings together active adults from across the spectrum; diverse backgrounds, ages, skill levels, and even different sports.  Players form a team and play in competitive or recreational leagues in the name of competition, camaraderie, and playing for a cause.  Yes, each team plays for their chosen charity.  Zog has a unique take on adult rec sports.  In addition to competing week in and week out, teams also designate a charity or cause.


In many leagues, when a team wins a championship, they get a trophy that ends up gathering dust on a bookcase or collecting cobwebs in that corner of the garage you can never seem to organize.  However, at Zog, at each Zog-sponsored, end-of-season party, donation checks are presented to winning teams on a GIANT check (think Publisher’s Clearing House … but at a bar).  Over the last several years, Zog teams have presented more than $3 million in donations to more than 2000 charities.  That’s a whole lot of home-runs, touchdowns and strikes!


ZogSports grew from the ashes of tragedy.  Robert Herzog originally founded the organization in New York, following his close close call on September 11, 2001¹.   Zog was founded to bring together like-minded people in an environment that emphasizes fun, giving back and also creates a community.  The city of New York found strength and fostered giving back and making a difference in the aftermath of those cruel attacks.  ZogSports followed that lead and evolved the same “charitable spirit which pervaded the city following 9/11.”


It’s exciting to be part of an organization that not only knows how to have a good time, but also gives back to their community.  I also love that each week I am shooting a different sport: soccer, volleyball, football, ultimate frisbee, kickball, bowling, softball… there’s pretty much an option in there for everyone and it’s never boring for the photographer!  It’s good for the soul to be outside in the California sun, at a park or at the beach; it’s hard to have a bad day.  



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Want to play? Visit for league days and times.  ZogSports plays in multiple sports throughout the US and 7 days a week!

¹Learn the story of the tragedy that lead Robert Herzog to found ZogSports here

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