2013 in one post…

Sometimes you blink and a year goes by! I know I have had a serious lack of posts, but it’s not for a lack photos. With 2014 now upon me, I am refocusing my photography efforts. I now have a new price list and plan on reworking my website. As I started pulling photos for this blog, I realized, it’s been quite the year! No wonder I didn’t have time to post! Below are my 2013 highlights. Here’s to a fantastic 2013 and looking forward to an even brighter 2014!!

Early in 2013, I started working with an exciting organization, Nerd Nite LA. Nerd Nite LA hosts monthly lectures at Witzend in Venice. Lectures vary in the nerdy topics, discussing topics ranging from Google Glass to new innovations in cancer treatments. As one friend described it, “Nerd Nite is like Ted Talks with booze.” Yes, drinking and heckling the speaker are both encouraged.

Though many new things happened in 2013, some things stayed the same. I continued to shoot dodgeball for the World Dodgeball Society. Covering leagues from Long Beach to Melrose and even a tournament in San Francisco.

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And in venues that sometimes also include the Staples Center

There were also head-shots

And a family trip to Sedona, where I was able to take a breath and shoot scenery instead of people for a few days.

But since it was Spring-training that week we had to stop by for a game in Phoenix on the way home.

In April, my Otis coworkers and I hosted the 2nd Annual Kite Festival. This year we more than doubled our event passing out 2000 kites and having close to 5000 people in attendance. Save the date for next year, we’re planning for it to be even bigger and better, Sunday, April 13th.

KTLA Coverage http://ktla.com/2013/04/14/otis-2nd-annual-kite-festival-sunday-in-santa-monica/#axzz2qWACzoDn

Later that month, I shot the wrap party for the Jeff Prost show. You might remember Jeff Prost as host of Survivor. Jeff and his crew were some of the nicest folks I’ve ever had the pleasure to shoot. It’s rare that you find a crew that cares so genuinely for each other, that even an outsider can feel the warmth.

In the Summer, I returned to Palau with Otis College, which in a lot of ways was like coming home. (More blogs about Palau in past blogs)

One of the more special shoots I had this year was of this little fella’.
ben ben parts
He’s truly a miracle baby. His mother was on bed rest for months before he was born and he was still born months early. Every step of the way this little guy had to fight and has won. However, with a dad who is called “Super Dave,” he was born to be a warrior.

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I did my second shoot for AYSO and although it was a long day (thousands and thousands of photos), it was fun to be outside and in the middle of excited kids kicking a ball (that wasn’t going to errantly hit me in the head).

The Year ended for me with a trip to Paso Robles for no other reason then to enjoy and celebrate all the hard work of 2013.

Phew! Ok, so that’s why I was so tired.

Now it’s 2014 and I’m up and running. This year was off to an early start, beginning at sunrise on New Year’s day. If you know me, you know that I love my sleep; however, some things are worth waking up pre-dawn for, such as having the honor to shoot a very special wedding.

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They say what you do the first day of the year can set the tone for the rest of the year. If this is true, it’s going to be a year immersed in photography and surrounded by beauty and love.

Wishing everyone a fantastic 2014; stay tuned! – Allison


Otis Participates in National Coastal Cleanup Day 2011

For the second year in a row Otis College of Art and Design participated in National Coastal Cleanup day (year one blog here), hosting a two-day event of fun, education and activism. Friday night’s event at the Custom Hotel was bigger and better than last year. Not only did we screen an important environmental film, but the group FMLY also joined us, bringing with them the musical stylings of Jack Littman and Kynan (both very enjoyable) and their free-store a way of recycling and re-purposing clothing.

In addition, SurfRider (host of Saturday’s beach cleanup) had a goal to make this year’s beach cleanup a “zero waste” event, meaning, that in the efforts to cleanup the beach we would not add to the trash, people would bring their own gloves and bags. To help with the “zero waste” effort, SurfRider was on hand Friday night to make bags out of used t-shirts and tank tops.

Another highlight of Friday’s event was a visit from Councilman Bill Rosendahl, who delivered a speech before the movie that was both animated and engaging. Mr. Rosendahl talked about his early years in politics and taking his 29th year off to explore the world, encouraging listeners to also go out there and make a difference!

This year’s movie was the documentary Waste land. Produced by the same people who made the fiction film “City of God” (one of my personal all-time favorite foreign films), Wasteland illustrates the life of the “pickers,” workers in Brazil who make their living literally picking through mountains of trash in the “waste lands” / dumps in Brazil. It is a moving film, that depicts the life of people who want better for themselves and their children and the impact that waste and lack of recycling can have on a community. If you missed the movie night, you need to see this film (it’s netflixable!).

Saturday morning we again met at Daniel’s bike shop to bike to the Beach Cleanup, this year the at Venice Pier.

Preliminary reports state that (with 80% of the cleanup sites reporting):
“Statewide count stands at 62,963 volunteers.
Those volunteers picked up 523,201 pounds of trash
and an additional 68,543 pounds of recyclable materials,
for a total of 591,743 pounds.

Great job everyone!!

And of course, no Otis Beach-Cleanup would be complete without a tasty scoop of ice cream (included with rental from Daniel’s Bike shop)!

A special thanks to the DCA for contributing funds to make this event possible!!

Families Uniting Families Game Night 051911

One of my favorite parts of photography is that it allows me to give back to the community. And it is the off-season for dodgeball after all…

Thursday May 19, 2011 was “Family Game Night” hosted by the organization Families Uniting Families. “Families Uniting Families has been serving children in Los Angeles County and Orange County since 2004. They are known for providing excellent care and treatment to children who suffer from abuse and neglect. Families Uniting Families cultivates nurturing and knowledgeable families to protect and enhance the welfare and stability of vulnerable children and their families so that they are able to live productive and meaningful lives. For more information about Families Uniting Families, call (562) 437-4114, contact info@familiesunitingfamilies.org or visit http://www.familiesunitingfamilies.org.”

Family Game Night was one of the opportunities Families Uniting Families provides to strengthen the family connection. Too often we forget to take the time out of the day for fun; Family Game night was just that, fun! With a variety of different games from a balloon relay race, musical chairs with a twist, to dodgeball (haha ya, see how I still worked dodgeball in here), the night was filled with laugher and togetherness.

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Koreatown Dodgeball 040111

If you can’t play with ’em, shoot ’em? Yep, still sidelined with the injured hand, so instead of playing, I’m shooting; not an entirely terrible tradeoff.

Below are some pics from a recent Ktown dball tourney. Enjoy!!

I GOT A FEVER… and the only cure is MORE DODGEBALL….West LA Dodgeball

Yep more dodgeball pics! See what all the buzz is about www.dodgeball4ever.com

World Dodgeball Society at the Staples Center: Torrance VS Manhattan Beach

I’ve posted here before about the amazingness of adult dodgeball; however, sometimes you have to take things to the next level. So after the Los Angeles Clippers triumphed over the Denver Nuggets, scores of 20 and 30 somethings donned knee-high socks, sweat band, laced up their sneakers and a new rivalry was born: Torrance (Coalition of Under Achieving Nugget Throwers) vs Manhattan Beach (Ninja Please!) dodgeball! The dodgeball contest was arguably more exciting then the professional game previously played on the same court, with even fans getting involved and needing to be removed from the premises.

Every story needs a good ending; however, I think this game, well it ended. After 50 sweaty minutes of dodging and diving, the match ended in controversy; do I hear rematch??

Dodge This! … The Awesomeness that is Adult Dodgeball

Ever miss being a kid? I do. However, when I was a kid I couldn’t wait to be a “grownup.” I feel it’s one of life’s great ironies, that when you’re young you don’t have the perspective to appreciate how good you have it; no major life decisions to be made, no bills and your greatest responsibilities include math homework and taking out the trash. As a kid, your body is resilient, you quite literally can bounce, you shake off sprains and colds as quickly as they come. I’m far from “old”, yet things, well they hurt more. A week ago I jammed my pinky finger (on what else, a dodgeball) and the darn thing still aches. The arches of my feet cramp, my back creeks, everything pops, man getting old sucks. So it’s with the nostalgia of simpler times that I don funny outfits and throw rubber balls at people across a basketball court.

Dodgeball is fantastic!! It’s pairs the simplicity of being a kid (the ball hits you and you’re out), with a competitiveness that rivals any team sport. There are strategies for playing as a team, both in defense and offense; we work up a sweat playing dodgeball. I’m not generally a violent person, but what a release from your day’s stress it is to go out and throw balls at people!

For more information on local dodgeball leagues check out www.dodgeball4ever.com. There are both beginner leagues and advanced, but most importantly, for 50 minutes a week you can release your inner child and just have some good old fashioned fun!