Movement Matters: Website Headshots


One of the great things about photography is the people you meet!  I met Beth through a Rotary Fundraiser I ran at the end of last year.  Beth needed new headshots for her website  Aches and pains are for those of us of all ages, sometimes the more active we are, the more pains we develop! Beth’s work is aimed at keeping people moving and involved in their lives; whether it be normal day-to-day activities or sports…. like dodgeball perhaps!

Like myself, Beth is passionate about her work! Taken from Beth’s website  “I am in the business of Health and Vitality! I provide an opportunity for you to discover ways to move and think so you can stay fit and active. Disability, pain, and creakiness can inhibit your ability to do the activities you love and keep you from being happy.  I understand these things more than anyone, not simply because I am qualified, but because I have lived through this pain and myself. I understand how your body and life can be unfair and I can teach you to learn to overcome that. I can teach you to move without pain. I can help you look for happiness.

My job is so exciting! I can provide an opportunity for you to discover ways to move and think so that you can feel better than you have for years. I love that! I get to share ways of growing and regaining vitality that really work. Our physical bodies are directly connected to our happiness. Not only am I helping you move better and function the way you want – I’m helping you live your dream and your passion! This work helps keep passion for life alive. The work of Feldenkrais has helped me reignite that passion for life, and that is what I love to share with those I serve.”

With a positive disposition and a comfort with herself, Beth was a pleasure to work with, and I may very soon become a client of her’s as well!

To learn more about Movement Matters or see her new headshots live on her website, check her out here!

– Allison



Day 4

Today almost all of us were up Before the Rooster. So when 7am breakfast started, we were all suncreened up and ready to go. After pancakes and bananas the entire group of students were ready for a swim. We trekked down to Long Island (the same location they saw at low tide the day before, where we hope to install the Freedom Memorial) and dove in.

The water in Palau is amazing, so clear, so warm, it’s a cross between swimming in a large bathtub and an aquarium. It’s interesting being here for the second time and experiencing things with people who are seeing Palau for the first time, the students are SO excited! They loved swimming at Long Island; it was hard for me to explain to them that what they were seeing was only an appetizer for what they will soon experience.

After our early morning swim it was time to get down to business. The students and faculty met to make final adjustments to their presentation. It was great to see how far the students have come with their presentation and how much care and heart they have put into it. I’m very excited to see how their work is received tomorrow in their first big meeting.

After the presentation work was done, people split off into a couple of smaller groups and did their own walking tour of downtown Korror; checking out the sites and also shopping for necessities (extra towels, since towels never dry here and snorkel gear!). I’ve mentioned this before, but to reiterate how small of a city Korror is, here are some more fun facts. Korror is so small, we have yet to see a single traffic light and its population is equivalent to the student body of Otis College. It’s also super easy to run into people. For example, when I was headed back to the dorms with a couple students from the wood carving place, we ran into another group of students, then looked inside the restaurant we were outside of and found our third group of students! Have we taken over the town or what?